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Beef.  For the many who relish the sizzle of a fine cut of steak, the tender perfection of the holiday roast or even the simple goodness of a savory burger…it is the holy grail of meats!  It is consumed in staggering quantities by a smiling, carniverous many.  And for good reason.  Most meat eaters would agree that nothing tempts the palate like a well-prepared cut of beef!

But despite this great passion for red meat, I can testify from a veteran butcher’s perspective that meat eaters want something more; there is something else they hunger for, and that is knowledge!  For shoppers passing by, it is a strange but fascinating world behind the glass of the meat counter.  People with large knives and other strange tools of the trade are wearing red-stained aprons and lugging around huge pieces of something messy.  As the expression goes, ‘I wish I had a dollar’ for every time over the years, children and adults alike have stopped and stared through the glass with wide eyes and very serious faces at the work I was doing on the cutting block! 

For shoppers, the fascination with meat processing is momentary, but endless are the great and sincere questions about the part of the meat world they take home with them..the cuts, the cooking, recipes and the like.  From the perspective of the one behind the meat room glass, I feel beef has the most to offer meat eaters for a number of reasons.  Primarily, it is in by far the greatest demand, and therefore the greatest variety of cuts and items are available to consumers.  From a simple taste perspective, there is more variety of flavor from one cut to the next and from one part of the animal to another, than is true for other species.  Simply said, beef has something for everyone!  And with a respect for that amazing variety, meatshop101 will strive to offer a growing body of information that will satisfy the most finicky apetites! 

Even on my last day as a butcher, after twenty years in the business, I am sure that I learned something new.  Meatshop101 will build on that notion that a quest for knowledge is never finished…meanwhile, I want to share with you all I have learned!

From short loin to tenderloin, from strips to tips, from the butcher’s table to your table…let’s go learn our beef!


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